Thursday, November 24, 2005

the end is near

The Death Clock says I'll live to be 79 years old. If you're not busy on June 23, 2057, come on down and party life away with me. We'll play dominoes and watch scary movies.

The way I figure, I have about twelve more years before I'm due a midlife crisis. I should probably hilight this day on the calandar so that The Hater will have fair warning... The irony is that the world will probably end and gyp me out of thirty years (to yield an eternity).

It's heavier than the pit of my full stomach.

This has been my attempt to avoid making a Thanksgiving Day post about the things for which I'm thankful, because really that's none of your business. You don't care that I've got a fridge of leftovers. Because in the scheme of things I know that my next 52 years on this earth won't be monumental; it'll be the same everyday adventures and miracles that I've been having, that you have. And in the end it'll be my most precious memories that bring me comfort, not knowing that I painted them on a large billboard for everybody else to read.

Carpe diem, my friends.


Christa said...

I checked that Death Clock too a few weeks ago and it told me that I would be 67y old. At least I get a chance to retire ;)

As for midlife crises - you have lots to look forward Just kidding. It ain't that bad. Just a bit of anxiety now and then :p

And you're right about thanksgiving - it's a personal thing. I celebrate it all year around....there's a lot of things to be thankful for :)
Tankies for participating in the poem btw :) You're welcome to do it again if you feel like it :D

Angry Dissenter said...

Looks like I'm going to be 71.

Oh, wait, it just said I'm going to be killed in a rabid zebra stampede in 15 minutes. Oh, well.

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Wow. The death clock on the most "thankful" day of the year. That's brave.

Even though the death clock may be a few days or even a few decades off, I can't mess with the death clock. Those of you that have done it are way braver than I.

Then again, I wanted to find out how evil my website was, and I had to stop half-way through because I got scared.

Carpe-not-diem-ha ha. Hide from all things that scare you.