Sunday, February 27, 2011

jonesing for another 3-day weekend

We're not excited about going to work tomorrow. It's been a great weekend.

This morning we took advantage of the aftermath of the storm and took Baby outside to play in the puddles. She had a great time and we did, too. Took lots of pictures. Borrowed a lesson from my cousin and managed to get her hair into pigtails with the help of certain candies that start with the letter M... (and can't lie, there is some pain in my heart that I used chocolate as a bribing award, but it worked!).

The Hater went to see the Thunder play this afternoon. He was bummed that they lost.

After Baby's nap I took advantage of him being gone and made a lovely mess. Started working on Mother's Day presents. Learned a lot after Christmas crafts - mostly that I need to give us far more time than I think we need.


Cerulean Bill said...

I'm pretty sure that's true about child-raising, too.

ely said...