Tuesday, March 01, 2011


This time last year Baby could say about 50 words. I had a list where I wrote them down when she'd say new ones. We were so excited.

The list stopped after a while because it got to be too hard to keep up with all of the words that she knew. She picks up a dozen a day and she's stringing more and more together at a time. She averages 3-4 word sentences, but can put together 5 or 6 word sentences/statements sometimes, too.

Life is so much easier now that she can do a better job just telling us what she wants. It's really taken a lot of tears and tension away from communication.

She adores the cat. Zoloft, the cat, has a kitty heart attack every time Baby comes anywhere near her. If Baby squeals from the living room we can hear the cat's bell jumping from on top of our bed to hiding below it. Baby likes to talk about the "sounds" that the cat makes. Unfortunately, the cat usually doesn't make sweet meow sounds. Usually the only sounds that Baby hears her make are hisses. Zoloft hisses at Baby, then baby squeals and looks back at her and says "hhhaaaaa" back like a whisper. She gets so excited to "talk" with the kitty and has no idea that the hisses are warnings or need for concern.


Kelly H. said...

hahaha, this cracks me up. Please try to get a video :)

Kelly said...

Your cats name is "Zoloft"? Hahaha! Funny! I'd love to hear her say that, for some reason.

It's fun when they learn how to talk...for a few months...and then they don't stop =) Especially when we're all locked in the mini-van. It gets pretty loud.