Thursday, February 03, 2011

snow cream heaven

My aunt rocks. Not only is she one of my five dedicated blog readers, but she is an all around awesome lady. She suggested as a comment in an earlier post that I make some snow cream for Baby. Except I've never had snow cream, much less made it.

I emailed her today about it to see if she had a favorite recipe or I should just google for one. She had some suggestions for ingredients, but also told me to google it to find an actual recipe. My grandfather made it for them when she was little and how fun it would be to rekindle that tradition!

There were several recipes, but I opted for a Paula Deen "Snow Ice Cream" recipe on . The Hater (AKA Jeeves) picked me up from work and I insisted that we stop at a grocery store so we could pick up the needed milk. He thought I was crazy, but humored me because he's a good man.

It was fantastic. All three of us had our own spoons, huddled over the bowl, feeding our faces with cold, smooth goodness. Oh, yes, this will be a tradition we continue. Thank you Marian!

Snow taken from the middle of a drift in the front yard.

What else do you do with a ton of snow that's too powdery to stick to itself to make a respectable snowman?

We opted for the Fat Free condensed milk. Sorry Paula.

Everything tastes better when mixed with a wooden spoon that belonged to your grandmother.

Technically yellow snow, but we're going to eat it anyway.

"Yummy Mommy!"
"I turn. I spoon."
The family tradition continues.

Dear Paula Deen,
I have made a lot of fun of your recipes in the past since most of them call for either an entire stick of butter or a Snickers bar. I'm sorry for that. Thank you for sharing this recipe - it will resurrect a forgotten tradition in my family.
Love, genderist


Kelly said...

Sounds amazing!!! This is a tradition that we might have to start as well! So fun! Thanks for sharing :)

Marian Parkes said...

Big Daddy's smiling down on you today with a bigger grin than usual!

Kelly said...

Oh yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!!

bill said...

I used to look forward to the first good snow so we could have snow Ice cream.

ely said...

YUM! Ryan and I want to make some!!!!