Tuesday, February 01, 2011

this snow blows

(Top to bottom in chronological order.)

This is the window in one of our bathrooms. It cracked me up to look earlier and see that the wind had blown so hard that it had pushed the snow through the screen and up against the actual window. I've not seen it do this before.

It kindof reminds me of those old movable sand sculptures that people would have on their desks, circa 1988. You remember the ones?


Teacher Angst said...

Don't send any this way. We've seen enough snow and the slightest will make our school district call off school again. We're already 4 days behind the snow schedule and are having to go beyond Memorial Day. Too many more and we'll be beyond Labor Day (*Insert wry smile here*). Hope you're staying warm and everything's ok. Get baby out in it again. It's kiddie cocaine BT. Duh, it's white! :)

Cerulean Bill said...

Beyond Memorial Day? Good lord, our kids expect that. Right now we're looking at June 10 -- though they're taking a couple of Monday holidays and turning them into school days, so maybe not.

Must suck to be a teacher at the time like this. You get the same number of days off that you would have otherwise, but by definition they're days when you can't go out and DO anything.

Told my daughter of the school district in, I think, Ohio, that set it up to go to a web-based curriculum on snow days. Told her I thought it a good idea. Predictably, she did not.