Saturday, February 19, 2011

crabs and duct tape


Baby and I took advantage of our new diapering situation and played at the mall today. She ran, I ran, we had a great time. She played in the petri dish for nearly and hour and I took some fun pictures. The best part about being the early bird at the mall is that usually that means we get the petri dish to ourselves and we can be extra silly. Sometimes big kids who are really entirely too big to be playing there will run in and be far too rough (coincidently, these are usually the kids whose parents just sit there and say nothing about their rough play around the little ones or their inability to share).

We ate lunch at the food court and on our way out I found a new skirt that I just had to have. Actually, I found it yesterday when I got out of work early, but I thought about it all night and decided to go back and get it. Baby didn't mind humoring me because this particular store also has a large section of hermit crabs. They kindof give me the heebie-jeebies.

She konked out before we left the parking lot. Actually, it was before we even got to the end of the row where I was parked and before I could turn to the road behind the mall.

Before we left for the mall we killed a little bit of time by getting out the duct tape dress, et voila, it still fits! (Actually, it's still a little big -- so we'll have more opportunities to dress it up later this summer.)

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