Sunday, February 13, 2011

big girl bed success

I don't want to jinx myself and actually use the word "success", but I'm going to because I'm excited. Baby chose to sleep in her big girl bed for her nap and stayed there for her whole nap. Then tonight after our prayer I asked her where she wanted to sleep and she pointed to her bed! I was so excited. No cries, no screams. Hopefully she'll stay there all night!

We needed a success today.

The Hater has been gone all weekend and I'm sure I've lost at least 40 IQ points. Don't get me wrong - I have loved every minute of playing and reading and watching Elmo. I'm hurting for real two-way conversation. I don't just miss The Hater because he's helpful and he can carry on a conversation, but I really miss him today. Good news is that he'll be back tonight!

Pottypalooza update: This morning in church Baby announced "Pee Pee!". I questioned her and she assured me that she needed to go. I halfway wondered if she was just trying to get out of sitting in church, but jerked her up and grabbed the bag with the wipes and potty seat, and ran to the potty. Sure enough, she was dry when we got there and peed in the potty!! I was so excited, such real progress! It was the first time she told me that she needed to pee.

And then the rest of the day was a bust. Maybe not a total bust, we did have several accidental successes. But we also had about a half dozen accidents, too. She's just not getting it. More on this later in the week after we consult with day care again. Do we persevere or go back to diapers? Time will tell.

Happy early VD.... I hope yours doesn't itch or scab over! For a blast from the past, here's the VD post from five years ago.


Kelly said...

AWESOME! Way to go Baby! Hope she made it through the night! What a big girl you have! xoxo

Anonymous said...

She on the way, almost there. Cut her a little slack. Praise on the good ones, ignore the bad ones. She doesn't learn at the speed of light.