Wednesday, February 09, 2011

seven more inches

This is Cortez, our Spanish Sabre.
He's cold and slightly confused as to our crazy weather.

We've gotten seven more inches of snow today. We're fortunate because people in the NE side of the state have gotten 42 inches between the last snow and this snow. The Hater shoveled the driveway before lunch and this afternoon the sun took care of what was left (on the driveway). Hopefully the sun over the next few days will take care of everything else.

Baby had a big time today playing inside and outside. She was really pleasant and every kind of busy fun that a 22 month old should be. Today she was especially brave and took off walking through the snow on her own, without insisting that we hold her hand.

Tomorrow the plan is to go back to the grindstone, albeit slightly frozen. The Hater will play the role of Jeeves and tote Baby and I to daycare, and then me to work. He'll then return home to nap and work on things that need to be done here.

I'm not tired of the snow yet. For the record.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get nearly as much snow as you did and I'm tired of it, not complaining, but wishing for warmer weather. When you get my age you're grateful for each day, still I have my druthers...