Saturday, February 05, 2011

baby, it's cold outside

It was another beautiful day. We ended up with about 0.5-0.75" of more snow yesterday. It really didn't make things worse in town or the roads. Today the high was in the 40s, so we bundled each other and went outside to enjoy what will be the last of the big snow. (Of course we're due to get 2-4" more in a couple of days, but it won't be as crunchy as nearly knee-deep snow.)

There's just a dusting over yesterday's clear sidewalk.

Baby likes to walk in the snow, but she insists on holding our hand when she does it.

These boots were the greatest buy for me for 2010. They're technically rain boots, but served me well in the snow, too. Paired with sweats that are two sizes too big, they're even more fabulous.

The Hater hopes the roads will be good enough to get the car out on Monday. He's not crazy about getting up earlier and playing Jeeves. Personally, I love being toted around town.

Pottypalooza: Baby finally showed day care on Friday what she's been doing for us - which is not using the potty. I think they thought we were just making it up, but I swear that sometimes I think she holds it until we're NOT sitting on the potty. I was just glad that it wasn't just us... but Friday evening she was a superstar for me and peed on the potty twice - no accidents. Today she only had two accidents, which in my world is fantastic. We plan on persevering and day care swears that we'll be able to tell a huge difference by next month... so for now we stay the course. Potty training is not for the faint of heart.


Anonymous said...

Stay warm, keep baby bundled up when outside and enjoy the weekend. We're scheduled for 1-2 more inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. I went to the store so we're set for the Super Bowl.
Enjoy the weekend, what's left of it.

Kelly said...

BRRRRRRRR!!! And I live in Utah where it gets bitter cold. NOT LIKE THAT THOUGH!

So you're doing so good with potty training. There was this woman at IKEA just YELLING at her 22 month old (I asked her how old she was later) to poop on the potty. I kind of wanted to smack her.

Cerulean Bill said...

Even from the back, she's cute.

genderist said...

That's terrible. I always hate seeing people yell at their kids, no matter what their age.

Cerulean Bill said...

Ha -- I thought at first you were responding to what *I* said!