Sunday, June 06, 2010

weekend roundup

I was in the middle of a fantastic post that I could've sworn that I published. It was just the right amount of intrigue with just the right amount of funny... but it's gone forever.

It's been a good weekend.

The Hater went to the after-hours clinic on Friday because he thought he had bronchitis. Turns out it wasn't that or his asthma... but just really bad allergies. The doctor told him that it's the worst that Uglyhoma has seen in years, that even people who don't usually have allergy problems are having attacks. So he's now on steroids, more allergy medicines, and super-duper cough medicine at night. He says he's "on 'roids and narcotics, just like all the home run hitters in the 90s".

Some good friends dropped in yesterday afternoon. They're looking at houses. I think it'd be six colors of awesome if they moved into this neighborhood!! We gave them all of the Dt Dr Pepper that Sister didn't drink while she was here. They are DP people by default.

Baby has kept us very entertained this weekend. She loves to back up and sit on her potty, clap her hands and "YAY!" for herself. We, of course, clap our hands and sing YAYs, too.

Her newest trick is kicking and throwing fits while trying to change her diaper. It's such a mess. When you think you've figured out how to contain her legs and start cleaning she tries to roll. This has been going on for a few days. Screaming, tears, kicks, rolls, and a very frustrated Mommy who ends up wearing a whole lot of diaper rash cream. ... Today I figured out if I use the straps on the changing table and cinch her down she can't roll, which means I can just focus on keeping her legs in check. She was still screaming and kicking, but it was much easier. She fought so hard that she stripped the screw that holds one of the straps in place.

Baby is dancing all of the time now, too. She loves swaying back and forth and jumping all around. Her big finish is spinning in circles until she's so dizzy that she falls down, followed of course by clapping hands and "YAY!".

The upcoming week should be another doosey. The Hater has a long week ahead of him with late nights of work. I've got a late church meeting tomorrow night and a late work meeting Tuesday night. We've cooked a few meals ahead of time so all we'll have to do is nuke them later in the week.

The insurance adjuster is supposed to come inspect the roof this week, too. All of our neighbors have gotten total losses after the storm, so we're expecting the same. Then it'll be a matter of calling around and seeing who can give us the best deal. We're hoping that we'll be able to afford the artsy-fartsy hail damage shingles instead of the standard shingles that we had. We'll be glad when all of this is behind us.

I'm also sick of roofing companies ringing my doorbell at all hours to tell me how great their company is and why we should choose them. Blah. Between them and the door-to-door exterminators I'm about ready to get a NO SOLICITATION sign and putting it in my dead asparagus ferns at the door.

(Yeah, they're dead. I've not gotten around to replanting those yet. Or any annuals this year for that matter. We've been busy... then we've had allergies... then we had the storm... and now it's crazy hot outside... )


Anonymous said...

What you're experiencing with baby is called the joys of parenthood. It just gets better and better as they grow.

I forget how busy you can get with kids and work and schedules.

I hope it didn't storm in Norman. My kids there have gone to see wizard or something and won't be returning for some time.

Cerulean Bill said...

Doctor Pepper is one of my few remaining delights from living in Texas. Decent tacos, excellent weather (usually), all that had to go when I moved back north. But DP...ah, good stuff.

I heard of a family that had a sign: Soliciters: Please Wait Just A Moment While We Reload.