Wednesday, June 23, 2010

muggy update

The Hater and I decided that if baby could sleep, we could make it work, too.

We blew up the twin bed mattress for me in the living room next to the floor fan. About 2am I woke up to pee and found The Hater asleep on top of the guest room bed. About 3am Baby woke up and I changed her diaper. She's damp with sweat, but went right back to sleep.

I set my phone alarm to ring, but with the fan I was sure that I wouldn't hear the usual song. So I picked "older phone" thinking that something that obnoxious would surely wake me up.

Not so much.

I dreamed I was at work and there were about five phones on the desk that kept ringing and I was trying to answer them all. And three of the phones were like house phones, not work phones, so I couldn't transfer anybody. And we were having a reception that hundreds of people came to, and I was the only person at the desk with the damn phones. Everybody else was outside trying to fanagle people. People were everywhere. Our bathrooms were a pit. People were being rude. It was hot. And I could hardly hear over the phones. I was trying to be nice when I answered them, but it was staticy, and I could hardly get through to them that it just wasn't a good time. I could look out the window and see that my coworkers outside were as miserable as I was. And then in my dream I remembered that I had set my cell phone to sound like this ring, too. And after trying to call the hospital operator to call security STAT to come to our area because there were two men fighting over a pregnant lady who was about to pop about who was baby's daddy, and trying to yell it to her over the noise of the crowd and the other phones.... I finally looked at my cell phone and woke up to hear the phone alarm going off... which sounded like a phone ringing.

It rang for 17 minutes before I actually woke up.

I can't decide if I feel like I've been working all night or camping all night.

Counting my blessings right now - that we have electricity; that this didn't happen in August; that although this was like camping, there were no bugs; that although The Hater stopped up the toilet and I had to plunge it at 2am, we have indoor plumbing; that the AC guy is coming today; that my boss offered the room; that Baby slept as well as when the house is a cool 71 degrees, our usual sleeping temperature.

It's 85 degrees in our house. As long as you don't move around much all is well.

I'm also thankful that I have to go to work where it's nice and cool. I hate it for The Hater, who will be stuck here until the AC guy comes and at least until a plan is put together.

Off to shower. Don't know if the phone ringing fiasco will be enough to make me miss my 7am mtg. (Typing this post didn't help, I know, but I thought the phone story was too good not to share.)


Teacher Angst said...

...and you're right about the latter. That's called "show code." Almost as good as missing part if the first hour of school the day before TCAP testing due to an alarm issue. Hang in there. It's almost done.

Kelly said...

Oh man, that really sucks. I dream about pain. It's just not restful sleep anymore =)~ Good luck with the A/C today! I know you'll REALLY appreciate it once it's fixed. Haha!!