Monday, June 14, 2010

didn't wash away

For those of you who saw that OKC received about 10" of rain today, I'm happy to report that we did not wash away.

Last night I watched the news before I went to bed. I don't usually do that, but for some reason I thought I should watch the weather. This was random for me because I never watch the news at night. Anyway, on the news it said we'd get a storm in the early hours of the morning, but then would have a 30% chance of rain for the day. It was storming bad in the panhandle, but weren't supposed to have anything bad in the city.

They lied. It started coming down about 7:30 and stormed cats and dogs and iguanas. I was a nervous wreck at work. Everybody kept asking me why I even came in, why didn't I stay home. I called day care to ask why she didn't tell me to just turn around and go back home when I dropped off Baby this morning. She was as surprised as I was that it was coming down in buckets.

I left work between waves of storms around 11 this morning to get Baby before the next wave was supposed to come through. I ended up having to take several U-turns and get home in different ways, but we got here. Baby was screaming in the car seat by the time we got here though. (She's still not a fan of riding in the car for more than about 10 minutes.)

Apparently the 5 consecutive hours of morning storms caused the fronts to change and now the wave of bad rain that we were supposed to get is actually hitting about 50 miles south of us. Good for us because we couldn't take the rain and hail combo right now. Not too terrible for them because in the morning rains they didn't get much.

Tomorrow we're supposed to be back to just normal summer rain showers. I have full intentions of taking Baby to day care and heading to work like I did today... but I may look at the weather in the morning before I leave the house first.


Kelly said...

Oh man, crazy weather!! I love the rain, but in safe, non-flooding amounts =)

bill said...

Glad you're okay and got home alright. I read about the rain in the OKC online news and sent a message to my son. I don't know how much they got just south of you but I don't think they had any flooding.

Marian said...

I worried about you and yours, but Nana said you were fine. So I quit worrying. Glad you were/are okay.

It's raining small animals here as I type.