Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our hail storm adventure continues... I'm hot and tired, so I'll try to go over the highlights.

We finally got the insurance adjuster to look at the roof. Had several roofing companies come look at it, too. It's a total loss, plus they're going to replace the gutters. Yay? Idunno - are you supposed to be excited about that?

The Hater took the check to the bank yesterday to get them to put it into our bank account so we could pay the roofers. Long story short he spent several hours at the bank ... come to find out they shorted us $8K when we went back to look at the account.

Oh yes.

Several phone calls and panic attacks later the account says it's "pending".

I'm sure the bank manager is tired of hearing from us.

Meanwhile, the roof guys were here today and have finished our roof. In doing so they have punctured the coolant line that goes to the AC.

So the house is a hot sweaty box. I'm a mad hen in a hot sweaty box. I was cocked and ready to tell them that they would be putting us up in a hotel tonight and every night until this was fixed. I wasn't going to be ugly, but I was certainly going to call an ace an ace.

The roofing guys have come and looked at the boo-boo. They say we need to call the builder, that it's the builder's fault that the line that's supposed to be "6-12 inches" from the roof is actually right next to it. The roofing guys did their job right - and it would've all been peachy if the builder had done the right thing to begin with.

The problem is that the builder is out of business.

But the good news is that the roofing guys said that if the AC guy (who comes tomorrow) has to take off part of the roof to fix the problem they'll replace that part of the roof for us at no charge to us. I'm gagged, but at least they're living up to their BBB status.

Meanwhile, it's hot. Baby is down. She's woken up once, but went back to sleep on her own. If she can suffer through, so can we.

If she can't, my boss has already offered a room in their house where we can stay tonight.

So now we're hoping that the "depreciation value" check that we'll end up getting from insurance will cover the AC guy fixing this. (At this point we think he'll just have to sauter/sauder/fix the hole and add new freon/coolant/magic. But we don't know nothing 'bout birthing no babies.)

To sum up:
Hail storm. Bad.
Insurance. Good.
Bank screw-up. Bad, but has been reconciled.
Credible roofing company. Good.
Stupid bankrupt building company. Bad.
AC Repairman.... to be determined...

* The Hater and I are reminiscing memories about being young and staying in houses where there was no AC. Where you cracked the window and had a floor fan in the hallway. Where you didn't sleep that great. Where taking a bath after supper was really a moot point because you sweat all night in bed. It was terrible... and tonight we get to relive those precious memories, complete with not sleeping in our own bed because that room is the hottest room of the house. ... It's a beautiful day to be thankful for working ACs.

* Poor baby. I put her down after she chugged a sippy of milk with red, flushed cheeks. I covered her in corn starch before I put her down - she already has some heat rash on the base of her neck before today's fiasco. I can only imagine what it'll look like in the morning. Meanwhile, it looks like she's inherited Mommy's and Aunt Sister's propensity to glisten. Maybe someday she'll be glad for her efficiency, but I doubt it.

* I've had to move my Synthroid to the fridge because it loses efficacy in the heat. Unfortunately, I bet I have to totally get a new bottle because it sat in the heat for 5 hours before we moved it to the fridge. I'll ask tomorrow in the pharmacy, but I'm thinking this will be another $30.


Cerulean Bill said...

Not a question of 'builder should have done this'; these guys broke the AC. They have to fix it.

If you could commute to PA, we'd let you stay with us....

Kelly said...

What's with all the red-tape bull-honkey? I swear...of course, I hear the word "insurance" and I get twitchy. I say, you break it you fix it.

I left a response to your comment,but in case you don't get it, I'm LOVING the book. Thanks again!!!