Wednesday, June 23, 2010


0608 Grab baby and gear. Open door to garage. Oppressive heat slaps me in the face. It’s even hotter in here that it is in the house.

0610 Pull out of the garage. Geronimo says it’s 89 degrees in the garage.

0614 Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for air conditioning in the car.

0620 Geronimo says it’s 80 outside. It was hotter in the house than outside the house. Blah.

0621 Feeling sorry for The Hater who is stuck in the house today. Never been so happy to go to work. Marvelous, wonderful, work where it’s frigid.

0622 Feeling guilty for being so happy to go to work in the AC when The Hater is stuck at home in the sauna.

0623 Remembering our sauna conversation last night:

genderist: Maybe this won’t be so bad?

The Hater: This is terrible.

genderist: You’re the one who likes the sauna!

The Hater: That’s different! The sauna is something you get to do for 20 minutes, then take a cold shower. Then you’re done with it. This has no relief. Not like a sauna at all.

genderist: Just think. Some people pay good money to sweat like this.

The Hater: It’s not the same. Calling it the same doesn’t make it any better.

0624 Thinks it really was like a sauna. Very much like being locked in a dry sauna without the steam. Mental note to remind The Hater that Baby’s hair was curled on end this morning, like she’d been in a sauna, if this comes up again. Hopes it doesn’t.

0631 Called home. Telling Dad about the drama. He’s half awake. Ask them to pray for The Hater for having to sit in the sauna until someone can come fix it today. Wondering what he’ll remember of the conversation and what details he’ll add that I didn’t say.

0648 I think I’ll make a timeline to document my thoughts about the situation. This will be a good project to start during my 7 o’clock meeting.

0712 Her belt is huge. It looks like a weight lifting belt. I should not say this out loud.

0714 Is this fashion-forward? The belt is OTT. Seriously. It has to be 4.5” wide, but the clasp is about 1” wide. I can’t concentrate on the meeting or thinking about the AC because her belt is wrong, wrong, wrong.

0716 I should link back to the series of posts from when we lived in the apartment and the AC went out.

0734 Today I will not complain about the office being too cold.

0759 Sent The Hater a txt msg telling him to come up here when he can because there’s a tv he can watch and wireless internet he can use. He says he’s waiting on the AC guy. No idea if he’s talked to them today. I send another txt to ask, but don’t get a reply.

0802 The Hater replies that the AC guy is on his way.

0834 I want to call The Hater to see if the AC guy is there yet, but don’t want to be a pain. Sending good vibes instead.

0900 I want to call The Hater, but don’t want to pester him. Trying to be hopeful.

0928 Tick, tock, tick, tock…

1102 Good news. My goddaughter’s eye pressures were good under anesthesia. Bad news is that there’s scar tissue problems in her left eye from previous surgeries. Very hopeful that a week of pupil dilation will help the problem. Stupid congenital glaucoma!!

1108 More good news. The Hater just called to say the AC guy is at the house and is hopeful they won’t have to tear up the roof to fix it! I tell him the good news about eyes, too. I call the guy back who told me he could be there but not before 1800 tonight.

1130 Considering calling for an update, but don’t want to be obnoxious.

1145 Considering texting for update, but don’t want to be obnoxious.

1205 Noon meeting starts. The lady with the belt is at this meeting, too. The belt continues to distract me from the meeting. I’ve made a mental note to tell The Hater about the belt later.

1220 I can’t stand it anymore. I send The Hater a text message fishing for an update. I know it’s rude to send txts during meetings, but it can’t be any more distracting than that belt.

1225 The Hater has called back! The AC man is our new hero; it is fixed!! I could think of more than 625 other ways I’d rather spend $625, but very few of them would bring as much comfort.

1227 Sending txt msgs to friends who were worried about our AC.

1335 Noon meeting gets out more than a half hour late. Boo. Just called The Hater to make sure he’s left the house. He has. There is much rejoicing.


Kelly said...

Haha, classic!

I tried pulling of a thick belt with a dress on Sunday...Um...I don't know if it went I'm reconsidering =)~

Cerulean Bill said...

Just a thought: send the AC guy doughnuts. Or a pizza. Or something. Granted, it'd be better at a lower cost, but still: he did goodness.

bill said...

Here's hoping your days get better. Good blog.

Mommavia said...

Nice thought process...very funny! good to hear about your goddaughter's IOP. Sam is at risk for glauc so he get lots of EUAs too. Jack gets them as well since he was born with cataracts, but not nearly as frequent as Sam. Glad she's getting good care! Sending good vibes that the week of dilation helped!