Sunday, June 27, 2010

gimmie sum

The Hater was adventurous yesterday in the kitchen and whipped us up some shrimp dumplings for a dim sum luncheon treat. They were oh so yummy, but it made a lot. Baby ate half of one. The Hater and I both ate a plate full, and we ended up throwing some away. It was very, very good, but we won't be eating steamed dumplings for a long, long time.

Not to mention that it made us think of an excellent Japanese scary movie about, well, dumplings, and things that would never fly in the American movie market. It's called Gaau ji, and Angry Dissenter made us watch it one time when we went to visit him. I'm not necessarily suggesting you should see it, unless you're a self-touted scary movie nut who likes Japanese scary movies and doesn't mind reading subtitles.

Meanwhile, Baby turned 15 months old this week! Crazy how time flies when you're having fun. She saw the doctor for a check-up and three booster shots on Friday. We survived. She passed all of the tests. They think she's about the most adorable little girl they've ever seen... it about broke the MA's heart when baby blew her goodbye kisses after she gave her the shots.

Baby is picking up on counting her toes. She can go to five, but apparently does better for daycare than she does for us. She's also got about 30 words in her vocabulary. She can stack five blocks at a time and is throwing and kicking the ball. She has started climbing and tries to climb everything.

Her newest trick is that she'll walk over to a cabinet or the door or the table - something hard, and bang her forehead until she hits it hard enough to make her cry. Sometimes she'll just lean down and hit her head on the hardwood floors. As a mommy this is terrible to try to ignore. I told the pediatrician about it, and he very nicely told me that I should continue to ignore her. I asked him not to call DHS on me when we end up in the ER needing stitches because she's konked her head. He's sure she won't take it that far, but she already has a cut smack-dab in the center of her forehead where she bangs it all the time. I hate ignoring her hurting herself, but I can only hope this stage goes quickly. (but not so quickly because only a fool would wish for them to grow up faster)

I took the crib pad out of the crib this weekend. Although it's the kind designed so that they can't suffocate because of it, and it's built in a way where they can't use it as a stair to climb out of the crib, we figured that she's big enough where she really doesn't need it anymore. The first night I immediately remembered why I really liked that bumper - because months ago when she threw her foolers, they didn't fall into the floor. They acted as a perfect barrier and we could always find them in the middle of the night without having to turn on the light. ... When she started screaming "baby" before I could even get out of bed I thought, oh no, without the bumper her baby doll has fallen out. Sure enough, her baby wasn't in the crib, and she thankfully fell asleep without me having to turn on the lights and totally wake her up to find it. Last night there wasn't a problem with her baby, but if she consistently loses it this week we may put the bumpers back on next weekend for the sake of a better night's sleep.

1-2-3-4-5 fingers crossed that we sleep well tonight.


Anonymous said...

She sounds precious and you're a good mother and it'a a good time even though some nights come with less sleep.

I'm losing my little one, she's moving to Austin, the smartest three year old I know. She came to see me regularly, calls me pop. I'm going to miss that great grand-daughter.

Enjoy your writ. Kinda brings me back down to reality.

Cerulean Bill said...

I recall going through the deal about 'how should she sleep'. People kept saying she had to sleep on a bolster that propped her on an angle, so that she wouldn't roll over. I thought 'well, then, why not just let her sleep on her back?', and we did that. Six months later, the 'experts' said 'you know, those bolsters are a waste of money, just let them sleep on their back unless there's good reason not to'.

Of course, we'd already bought the damn thing...