Tuesday, June 29, 2010

breaking the law

We had a thing going on at work a week or so ago and I had to purchase something out of my pocket to make it work. "No problem," said my boss, "Just submit an expense report and I'll approve it."


So I bought the thing and submitted receipts for the thing. My awesome rock star administrative assistant did her thing and I received notice via email that the balls are rolling in the right direction for me to be reimbursed.

Badda-bing, badda-boom, baby. There's motion in the ocean.

Yesterday right before I left work I received an email that the expense report had expired. Hmm, never received one of those before. So on my way out the door I forwarded it to my rock star administrative assistant because I knew she'd know what to do with it. I also cc'd it to my boss because I noticed that it wasn't her name listed as my boss - it was our medical director who was listed.

This morning I opened my inbox to find a series of emails between my rock star administrative assistant and my boss and the people in the finance department trying to figure out why this even went to the medical director. This was all being done without him being included because, well, he's the medical director and he has bigger fish to fry than my expense dilemma. Also because this isn't a program he uses more than once a year (and even then only with great assistance).

An hour or so passed.

Then I get an email from the medical director saying, "Is this a scam?"

Maybe I should allude to how much stress the office is under this week. There's new tech, new drama, and everybody has a problem that needs to be addressed five minutes ago. So when this email came across my screen I couldn't help but to laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes.

Really? On top of everything else, now he's alluding that I'm trying to steal money?

I replied, and cc'd my rock star administrative assistant and my boss, "No, this is not a scam. ____ is taking care of it for us. PS: You should know that if I ever consider embezzlement, it will be for much more than $15.87."

I was quite amused. So amused, in fact, that I relived the scenario to several people in the office. Their eyes were glazed over from other people's problems, too, so they weren't as amused as I was.

Looking for someone else to share my amusement I emailed the scenario to my sister and to another friend, Jane. They were busy, too, and didn't reply.

I tried to relive the story to Baby tonight, but she was more interested in looking up, pointing and saying, "Light! Light! Light!"

We spoke to The Hater briefly tonight on the phone. He'll be back tomorrow. I'll tell him the story when he gets here, but by then I'm sure most of my amusement will have withered. Especially with inflation and the current economy.

So I'm left tonight with my own amusement that my doctor thinks I tried to steal $15.87 from the work account.

It still makes me laugh.

Tomorrow my goal is to be accused of espionage.


Cerulean Bill said...

Your mission, should you decide to accept it....

Perhaps I should use that when I try to motivate people with the CBISA product. Worth a shot...

Kelly said...

Bahahahaha! Well, at least you can laugh about it and not go all postal. I hope you get your money soon, that's like...4 1/2 gallons of milk, man. That's some serious dough!

bill said...
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Cerulean Bill said...

Bless their hearts? Reminds me of the comedian who said that the thing she really liked about living in the south was that you could get away with saying anything about someone, so long as you used that phrase. Well, George, you know, he's the kind of guy who has sex with small animals....bless his heart.