Monday, April 02, 2007

hide and go seek veins

We went out to the house yesterday to make sure it hadn't flooded away. We saw that orange churt had bathed the roads, but the house was still there -- and now it has walls! They've gotten it insulated and dry-walled, so that was exciting. I forgot my camera, so I'll go back out today after work to take some shots.

They still have two different plats of brick in the yard that we didn't choose; we're glad the wrong brick isn't on the house. The brick you see is the pattern that we chose, not what's in the yard.

We have no fantastic Monday plans. After work (and after I take pictures) we're going to go to my friend's house. She's going to start my IV for my scan tomorrow. She's a nurse with great IV skills and has started all of my IVs that I've needed since the c-bomb was dropped. It takes a lot off of my mind to know that I'll go in with an IV aready in place, even if she does have to stick me multiple times.

But the best part is that she has three English mastives. Huge dogs. I'm looking forward to petting the puppies! They are slobber monsters and love to give kisses.

Zoloft is never jealous when we come home smelling of other pets. She is such a good girl! (or maybe this is just an arguement that she's that much more demented)

I just put on my white nurse tennis shoes. These were a great sale find as I bought them for $4. This morning the laces broke on one of them, so it's now sporting a buddy bow in comparison to its mate. I've been wearing these because I wanted to see if I'd get this new job (which I did). I wanted to wait to see if I needed nurse clothes or regular clothes (which I now know I can wear both, but haven't gone shopping for either because I hate to shop). My problem now is that I'm either going to have to get some real nurse shoes with better support or laces for the shoes with poor support -- either way I will have to shop. If Sister was here I'd give her the specs and let her get them for me; she's the shopper.

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