Wednesday, April 18, 2007

rocking out: star power

The Hater and I have been playing Guitar Hero II for XBox 360. We're not very good, but we're having lots of fun playing with it. Last night he proudly displayed the stickers that he has so carefully placed on his guitar controller. We're both sporting VOLS stickers, too, which is important to point out.

He called around all of the Wal*Marts, Targets, Game Stops, Best Buys, and then Toys R Us stores in the city to find a copy of the game. He kept saying, someone must have it in stock. We drove 30 minutes to the south side of town to get a copy. On the way he confessed that he already had the second guitar controller in the trunk.

We've not yet unlocked Rocky Top.

There's an option to make and name a band, and then play through the game that way. We named our band "Gander*", where you can substitute the * for a particular ugly word. We know that Obmij will really like that one.

So everybody is going to have to come visit us and play the pretend guitar game, too, once we get the house finished. You know, join the band, get a mohawk. We'll plug in both guitars and you can take turns playing lead, rhythm or bass. It'll be stellar.

Speaking of lack of musical talent, is anyone else as disappointed in the American Idol group as we are this year? We think all but two could go ahead and be cut. There's one guy that The Hater calls "Justin Timberfake", and The Hater makes me fast-forward through his songs. We like Blake and Dolittle. We're not voting for anybody, but those are our favorites.

In the meantime I'm in the process of gathering information to start a music therapy-type support group for cancer survivors. It's still in the thinking-phase. I'm thinking that all of my thinking-phase projects are going to come due at the same time. How exciting that would be.

* I posted a similar version of this post last night, but blogger ate it.

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arielle said...

My AI faves got voted out first. I liked Poofy and Gina. Now I think I am rooting for LaKeisha and I am so f'n glad that Sanjaya is gone. It wasn't soon enough alas.

My sis likes the GH game. I have never tried it. Do they have it on Wii? Thats the next console we wanna get.