Tuesday, April 03, 2007

surprises with color

The Hater and I signed our final contracts for the house this afternoon. It took about thirty minutes to initial and sign the thick stack of papers. We hope to close June 11th-ish.

While we were there we double checked all of the interior choices that we made several weeks ago. They gave us new drawings of the house after our changes had been applied to the plan.

Enter: Is that really what we want?

We chose our paint colors from the Sherwin-Williams book. Our walls are either "Retreat" or "Firewood", with the trim "Foggy Day". We thought that "retreat" was a slate blue and "firewood" was a neutral taupe (with "foggy day" being two shades lighter than "firewood" on the card). Everything looked fine while we were at the design meeting, being led by the fearless interior designer....

But since then we've gone to the S-W webpage where you can go through their "color visualizer" and pick out your colors, where they let you click and drag them to different walls to see how they look together in a fake room. This is where the strangeness come in---
1. "Retreat" showed up a silvery-gray, not a slate blue.
2. "Firewood" wasn't even in the database.
3. "Foggy Day" showed up a dark cotton blue, not a near-white neutral.
We're hoping that it wasn't the S-W company from which we chose the samples. We're going to email the design team tonight to make sure that this is just a misunderstanding; that we won't be moving into the wrong crayon box.

FYI: As long as we're discussing color, the front door will be "Fireweed", a rusty red that will never be mistaken for crimson.

PS: I had my PET/CT scan today. As far as fancy scans go, it went fine. I hope to hear back from my doctor's office by the end of the week with the results.


Molly Jane said...


I have played the online paint game before and I don't think you can trust that. All monitors are different, no matter what they tell you to do to the settings. Also, the colors, no matter how hard you try, will never be what you think they will be. So just be emotionally prepared to do a little painting.

I'm so excited for you both!! Fingers crossed on the PET/CT scan!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Pictures, pictures, I want some pictures. I've seen your floor plan and I like it very much. I can't wait for you to move in.
My other half is going to OKC in late May when I go to see Cletus and he wants to see the work in progress. VolMom

genderist said...

Jane, We won't be repainting. If it ends up crazy, we'll just learn to ignore it...

VolMom, We'll bring pictures when we're home for Sister's wedding. Will you be back in the states by then? Your other half is always welcome; get Mom to tell me when he'll be here and I'll make sure there's beer in the fridge...

Mommavia said...

The colors should be represented correctly in the design book...besides, how much can you trust something you found online? Hee hee! It's very exciting to almost be a home-owner, isn't it!? We'll be moving into new pads around the same time...although I don't get to pick ANYTHING out for mynext one! I don't even get to see it before we move in, yikes!

Glad you PET/CT went well. It's always so good to have it go smoothly. I'll be waiting to hear the results, which I know will be good!