Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech

Our hearts really go out to all of the students and faculty at Virginia Tech today after the shootings. We're thinking about all of those killed and their families, those hospitalized and their families, and the families of the students and faculty who may not have been physically harmed, but who will wear scars on their hearts for this tragedy. We're thinking of the family of the shooter, of his girlfriend. We're sending out healing vibrations to all of those who have been touched by the shooting that took place today.

And shame on you, George Bush, for turning this into an argument that Americans should carry weapons. You, and I mean this will all due respect and sincerety, are an idiot.

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Molly Jane said...

Word, James! George, and I say this with no respect, because you haven't done a damned thing to earn it, are an asshole.