Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last night The Hater and I went to the mall to get some "real" clothes because I have to pose for some pictures today. Although scrubs would have been acceptable, we had been meaning to get some real clothes; this was the motivation we needed.

I may have gone shopping for real clothes for myself maybe twice since we've been married. Scrubs, on the other hand, I've shopped for three or four separate times. I'm just not into the clothes thing and would be content to blue jeans, a soft, well-worn UT t-shirt, and tennis shoes, which is usually what I wear when I'm not working. Unfortunately, society has a whole look-thing mentality, dress to impress, so that it really doesn't matter what you can do, as long as you look good while you're trying to do it. (Insert appropriate Capitalism-bad arguments here.)

Despite my irritation, I have complied. I am wearing real clothes today. I might even take lipstick to put on before the picture (usually I'm a chapstick girl).

It's a long walk from my truck to where I work; I'm taking some real shoes for that haul. We'll see how the whole heel-thing goes today. That in itself should be a good story.


Mommavia said...

I don't do well with heels either...I always looks for ones that have a wide, stable heel...those skinny ones will cause me to break my ankle. I hate shopping for nice shoes for that very's hard to find heels with a heel that can handle me ;-)

Hope you didn't break your ankle.

bill said...

I hope your feet survived. Think we'll ever see the end of those things?