Monday, November 27, 2006

weekend recap

1. I worked Thanksgiving Day and the Friday afterwards. They were good, busy days, but I'm glad to go back to my normal routine. I'm ready to have a regular Mother Duck day instead of a crazy Mother Duck day.

2. The Hater's parents came to visit for Thanksgiving. We ate at one of the fancy restaurants in town. The Hater took them to the Cowboy Museum while I worked on Friday. Saturday morning we all ended up at the state fair grounds looking at horses and tack stuff. We all had a good visit and they've made the long trip home safely.

3. Football recap: (because we love our football)
A. The Vols won.
B. The Titans had the greatest comeback in franchise history during the 4th quarter to come back and beat the NYG 24-21.
("Led by Vince Young," says The Hater, "the QB of the future.")
("Sorry, Eli." adds genderist.")
C. Peyton won.
D. The Hater won his fantasy football game. My fantasty team might win, but am currently behind; it will be decided by tonight's football game.
E. The sad football news: Notre Dame lost to USC. Last year ND was cheated. This year they just lost. We would have liked them to win.

4. The Hater and I slept until never-thirty Sunday afternoon. That was our first chance to sleep late in weeks and weeks.

5. All things considered, we rate our holiday weekend a 7.6/10. It would have been higher if we had made cornbread dressing and if we lived closer to home. To remedy what we can control now, we'll be making some of Nana's infamous cornbread dressing within a few weeks. We also have a big trip home planned for Christmas.

6. Yesterday I put out our small tree and part of the nativity set. We hung the stockings and put out just a few other holiday knick-knacks. The Hater also let me play Christmas music. He bought me two new holiday cds (Elivs and Johnny Cash), but made me promise that I wouldn't buy any more this year. Mom bought me a James Taylor Christmas cd last week. ... I walked past a cd of John Denver with the Muppets, but I've made a mental note to find it next year. We're not putting out the big tree and trimmings because we've got big plans for our trip home next month.


1. Although not related to this past weekend, The Hater had a big trip planned for this coming Thursday. We also have a 60% chance for bad winter weather that day, too, which would cancel the trip. We're hoping it'll wait until next week to snow.

2. We are really excited about our Santa Secrets!! All we officially lack is boxes and wrapping paper.

3. Zoloft continues to be the cutest cat in the universe.

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nicole said...

Overall your holiday rundown sounded HEAVENLY. Especially the sleeping late part.