Thursday, November 30, 2006

snow day

I've never had a snow day as long as I've been a nurse... until today! The clinic is closed today because of snow and sleet and all the other goodness brought to us by the arctic front.

During the night there was a 1/2" sheet of ice over the city. As of now they're promising between 4-6" of snow today. It's thundering and super-snowing outside right now.

The Hater's trip was canceled. I'm home from work. Zoloft is so excited she can hardly stand it.

(We're secretly hoping that school and work will be closed tomorrow, too.)

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy snow day!! I just got out of KS this morning where they are predicting a foot of snow this afternoon. Hopefully we don't get that much up here in IL, there is already ice on everything.

Sorry your trip got canceled though.