Thursday, November 09, 2006

second smile update

I remembered to take my lab slip yesterday. I had to go across the street to a draw station to get it drawn... and found out it was the wrong slip for them. So I went back to work and waited until my endocrinologist's office opened to leave a phone message for the nurse to please fax me the right form. She did, because she's great. I went back across the street and my favorite phlebotomist was there. Labs have been drawn.

The thyroid panel tests should be back within a day or so, but I'm not sure where they run the thyroglobulin (tumor marker level). They'll probably wait until they get all of my labs back before they call me to tell me how much we can increase my Synthroid. Our fingers are crossed for a wonderful increase in Synthroid as well as a drastic decrease in the tumor marker.

The Hater is more anxious about the thyroglobulin levels. I'm more excited about the panel because I'm in a dramatic desperate need to not be tired ALL OF THE TIME. I'm ready to not be fat and for my hair to grow back.

Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait.

I see the endocrinologist again after Christmas. I think my treatments will be dependent on how the labs look. I think we'll end up doing another radioactive Iodine treatment this Spring to be sure, but we may end up doing a "test dose" and not the whole "ablation dose". I really won't know the plan until after I see him.

I'll post more information when I get the results of the labs back.


Cynthia said...

Nothing like looking forward to a LID and going off your Synthroid when you are finally back to normal, right?

RYC: Love the exit wound!

bill said...

Apropos of your 'wrong slip' deal: do you think there's a need for 'something' to do better intra-med office communication? I'm not exactly sure what I mean by that, but, generally, something that makes sure you have what you need when you get to the second place. Seems like the busier (and less-compensated) med offices get, the more often it happens that you have that kind of ball-drop between them. I don't think its a BIG deal, but I don't think its so little, either. Whats your take?

genderist said...

Well, Bill, in theory I had what I needed for most any other lab in town, but the lab that my insurance wants me to use wanted a different form. What would make things less complicated would be if all labs used the same or could process off of the same form paperwork.

In theory I could have used the form I had and gone to a lab about fifteen minutes away (with another fifteen minutes for parking and finding it)... but I wanted to go to one of the smaller "draw stations" instead.

The fax machine really has done a lot for intra- and inter-office communication. I've been covering for one of the physicians this week, and we send at least two dozen faxes daily to both patients and other offices.

Anonymous said...

What is your synthroid level at now? I am taking 175 and my hair is still falling out. I am getting used to the being cold all the time and being tired. Maybe its permanent until we get donor thyroids.
Hope you get some good news!

genderist said...

I'm at 150mcg... and I'm always cold, my hair is still falling out, I'm fatter than a cow, I abuse caffeine to get through the day, and I'm jealous that you're already up to 175mcg...