Sunday, November 12, 2006

Santa Secrets

I have been crazy-productive this weekend. I put together a baby shower gift that's really awesome. Its crowning glory was having to use the remnants of two different wrapping paper rolls to get it wrapped. (Mother would be both slightly impressed and slightly appalled.) I've been working on Christmas stuff, too. 'Tis the season to party hardy.*

When Sister and I were little, anytime someone was talking about Christmas there was a sing-songy jeer that we used so that everybody knew we were talking about a secret we couldn't share (except that Sister is the easiest person to convince she should tell her secret). They were "Santa Secrets", and if someone evoked that phrase, we were supposed to respect the secret and the secret-bearer. The closer to Christmas, the more jeers.

g'Nhyo-g'nee -- g'nhyo-g'nee -- g'nhyoh...

All day yesterday The Hater and I worked on Christmas goodies. We have a few things that we're making for our friends, which we've completed. We also did the super big SANTA SECRET, which ended up being slightly gaggier than either of us had anticipated. But it's mostly complete, so that's almost done.

Don't get me wrong-- we're not finished with all of our Santa Secrets yet, but we are on our way. We have to get doo-dahs for the doo-dads, some other thingies, and we've not even started working on the other doo-dahs yet. But we're well on our way.

The Hater says I like to get done with Christmas stuff early so that I can say I'm done; Tada. But that's not entirely the case. The truth is that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more and more insane the congestion gets around the area where we live. I hate traffic and I hate congestion... so the quicker I get done with our doo-dahs, the less traffic and line-standing gagness I have to tolerate. And that's the truth.**

* The Hater mandates that I can't listen to Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving. His previous work at Goody's put a big damper on his enjoyment of Christmas music.

Oh, to add to the g'nhyo-g'nee list: The Hater and I haven't even talked about what we're getting each other yet. Due to the c-bomb we skipped celebrating our birthdays, anniversary, and every other usual celebration this year, but we're not skipping Christmas. It's going to be fun!

** "And you like to say you're done," adds The Hater.