Saturday, November 04, 2006

them Vols

Sure, it was a loss to LSU... but The Hater would like to point out that it's only the second loss of the season, and in all we've only lost by a total of 5 points*.

My job was to send text messages to The Hater throughout the game, keep him posted while he was working in Kansas City. I probably sent a dozen throughout the game... as I was also talking to the LBG fan base. This included Nana, who I had to remind that we were cheering for the team in the orange pants, not the white ones.

I concede that it was a loss, but it wasn't a devastational loss. Ange really wanted to be out there playing. The Hater says that keeping him out was a good call; next year he'll be a Heisman candidate.

* Or is it 4? We only lost to Florida by one point. And at this point I'm so tired from planting pansies that I can't think straight. The number doesn't really matter; what matters is that it's a little number, and next year's season holds much promise to the Volunteer roster. How 'bout them Vols?


Kate said...

Hahahaha... I went through SO much credit on my phone during the World Cup sending texts to people - I totally understand that feeling!

bill said...

Sorry - - LBG?