Sunday, September 03, 2006

pilgram popcorn

We have completed our first of three weeks on the low iodine diet. I'm tired.

I'm ready for a plate of french fries covered in chocolate syrup, to take a bath in melting butter, and to have a cold-cut sandwich with bacon and just a smidge of mayo on real bread. At this point I'd settle for the sandwich.


genderist said...

As Angry Dissenter pointed out to me after my description of pilgrim popcorn, devoid of flavor but full of dry crunch: Yeah, it's just like the popcorn the pilgrams made in their microwaves.

It worked in my head at the time. :)

nicole said...

Please tell you were kididng about that french fry bit?? I mean, I know you're starved for flavor but has it gotten to THAT point? :(

bill said...

Well....I'll pass on the fries...and the butterbath...but as for the sandwich, you're on. Come by the house some Sunday morning and we'll whip you up one. Or more!