Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the game

We're really excited to report that we've been given tickets to the OU- MTSU football game this Saturday. I've not seen the mighty Blue Raiders play since Homecoming 2002, and The Hater reports not seeing a game since fall 1998. But I can claim a year with the mighty Band of Blue under my belt, too... and we always kept up with the team, even if we were watching the Vols on the weekends.

We're proud to be from Middle Tennessee!

I hear that OU is favored by 27 points. This does not surprise us; nor does it deter our excitement to go to the game. We expect OU to cover, at the least. We do hope, however, to get some points on the board. The Hater would like to score first, so that we can say that at least we had a lead for a while...

This will be the true litmus test to see how friendly a Sooner fan can be. Because, really, our mighty Blue Raiders will be little threat to their season.

We may be in the middle of a crowd of angry crimson and white, and we may be small in number, but we will also be the most pumped Blue Raiders in Norman. We can't wait to see the game!
We are the one, true, pride of the blue - MTSU Raiders Ride!


genderist said...

We're really pulling for Smith to kick us some points on the board! How exciting!

nicole said...

You guys are so cute with your Blue pride. Have fun!

Lisa T. said...

M....T....S....U...., M..T..S..U.., MTSU, MTSU, Go Raiders Go!

Cheer a few cheers for me, too!