Thursday, September 14, 2006

neck check

Two little words with a big, big impact.
They may even save your life.

September is
thyroid cancer
awareness month

Find it early and know the signs. Of all the different types of cancers, thyroid cancer is becoming more and more prevelant. Fortunately, finding it is easy. The next time you see your doctor, ask them for a NECK CHECK.

It's simple and will take about a minute for them to do.
It even rhymes to help you remember: NECK CHECK

Looking for information about thyroid cancer?

Several people have found my blog by searching for information on thyroid cancer. This won't be one-stop shopping, but below you might find some links that are helpful to you.

If you or someone you know has thyroid cancer, free information and support services are as close as your phone or computer. The Thyroid Cancer Survivers Association has an excellent webpage with support and more links for you to use.

Here are some facts on thyroid cancer from the National Cancer Institute. They also offer free support services and printed information that they will mail to you on a wide variety of cancer topics and resources.

Another excellent cancer resource is the Livestrong Foundation. They offer information on many topics in four catergories: physical, emotional, practical, and survivorship. If you are a cancer survivor they will mail you a Livestrong binder you can use to help organize your treatment information.

Those should get you started. Ask your physician for additional resources and local support groups for more information. Above all else, try not to panic. Write down your questions for your doctor, and have a friend go with you to your appointments to help you listen, or take a small tape recorder so that you can go back and listen if you forget an answer. (That's what worked best for me.)

ask your doctor at your next appointment

Do it for you.

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