Monday, September 04, 2006

Nightmare on Elm Street

Tomorrow I'm calling my endocrinologist because I have an important question: Does being hypothyroid effect my REM-sleep? I have had four or five nights of increaseingly strange, vivid, and scary dreams. This concerns me because the last time I went through being hypothyroid and on the LID, my dreams didn't escalate to this level until right before I went into isolation. And the idea of questioning if I'll have a nightmare when I go to sleep doesn't help me fall asleep any quicker, even though my hypothyroid state makes me exhausted.

One, Two, Freddy's coming for you!

I spoke with one of the doctors I work with, but her specialty isn't endocrine issues. She gave me a typical "anything is possible" when you start fooling around with your thyroid stock answers.

Tonight? Sleepy-time benadryl. We'll see what happens next.

PS: Happy Labor Day! If you feel the urgency to push, please let me know.


Kate said...

I'm a fan of Nytol for sleep-inducement. Especially when dealing with jet-laggedness and such. Can you take Nytol?

genderist said...

Do you know what the active ingredients are in Nytol? We have a Nyquil for people with head colds. There's also a Tylenol PM (acetamenophen plus diphenhydramine) that a lot of people take, but I don't see the point in taking the Tylenol if you're not hurting.

The dyphenhydramine by itself seems to make me zonk quickly. Sometimes it makes me more tired the next day, so I'm taking it early in the evening (with supper) so that it will mostly clear my system before the morning.

I have a script for Xanax, but its half-life is short, and taking it before I go to sleep will only help me sleep, not help me not dream. We'll see what the endocrinologist says.

Kate said...

Not off the top of my head - but you can go to and it will probalby tell you!

nicole said...

Pleasant dreams! (And I mean that quite literally.)

It's interesting to know that doctors give the same meaningless answers to medical professionals that they give to laymen. I hate that.