Saturday, September 02, 2006


Bears can't fly on Rocky Top.

What a game! I've not had so much fun watching Tennessee football in a long time! What a great way to start a new season.

Our boys stepped foot on the field ready for a game, and it showed. Ange was on target, and it looks like a summer of getting hit really payed off for the team. Our offense was tight and our defense was awesome. Those things paired with a stadium of orange created quite an evening for these football fans.

We were most excited watching the plays that were being called -- losing Sanders and picking up Cutcliffe as the O-Coordinator was a great move for the team. My favorite plays were the ones that ended with us saying "They would have never tried that last year!".

The Hater would just like to note that Cal didn't score ANY points until TN subbed our second stringers.

I mostly enjoied all the telephone calls from friends and family from home asking "DID YOU SEE THAT?" "Do you want us to go ahead and overnight mail you the new UT scrubs?" Or the all-time favorite, "It's football time in Tennessee!" Not to mention a phone call we received with a chorus of Rocky Top on the other end of the line.

Thanks for a great game, guys!

And now we continue to share team-cheering to Notre Dame, as Little Brother was here with us, cheering for the Rocky Top win.


MGal said...


(from one Vol fan to another ;) )

genderist said...

No kidding. They were great.