Sunday, September 10, 2006

our Vols

One of the many things we don't like about living in Uglyhoma is football season in Tennessee. If our teams play big games, we might get coverage. We weren't surprised that the UT-Air Force game would not be televised in OKC.

We were very surprised watching the ticker on ESPN - we were behind? How could that be? We were wearing our orange; we were doing everything we knew to do; but, alas, we could not watch the game. The Hater turned on the ESPN website for a constant live feed, but there was no audio, which made watching it very difficult and painful. He resigned to watching the ticker on tv and going to the laptop occasionally to see the statistics.

I fell asleep on the couch. The Hater relived the hilights for me at midnight when he woke me up and moved me to the bedroom. I was drowsy and walking like a zombie, but when he asked this morning, I told him I remembered that we had won by one point. I assured him that if I hadn't been asleep I would have been nervous, too.

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