Thursday, June 29, 2006

big decision

The dork in me has read the introduction to Shakey's The Two Gentlemen of Verona... but it's dawned upon me that I've never actually seen one of his plays that I've not read, which would lead to a whole new experience....

So I'm at a place tonight where I'm trying to decide between reading and not reading... and I think I've decided, after reading the first Act, that I'll go without knowing, for a change, and try to experience the play as a new story.

Then this dork will probably come home and read it again to come full circle... seek closure, etc...

Meanwhile, I'm really intrigued by the photography of Spencer Tunick.


Roger Coss said...

Found you by doing a blog search on Spencer. Noted you are a cancer survivor(as is my wife) and an oncology nurse. I am a psychiatric nurse. My wife and I have posed for Spencer 3 times in large installations, and once privately, and then I was lucky enough to pose in Lyon,France last year. I am a member of a group you might find of interest
We discuss Spencer's art, give accounts of our participations, post news photos and some of Spencer's art and keep track of upcoming installations.
One of the bravest participants I ever saw was a woman who had had a double mastectomy taking part in the Buffalo, NY installation. Spencer was pleased that over half of all the participants were over 50, and he did a couple of poses with us as a group. We almost all had scars of some sort, but were all proud to be taking part. His "Buffalo 6" captures us in the 50 and over group.

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Okay, you totally have to check out Kasey's blog to see some of Tunik's work! Interesting thought from a stranger...You always get the new people...And also, DON'T READ IT-It's really exciting to see Shakey without knowing the story. That's how I saw the Tempest and it was cool.