Friday, June 02, 2006

Lady Vols Softball

The Lady Vols softball team is in OKC playing in the conference softball championships this weekend. They, an 8-seed, beat the 1-seed, UCLA, last night; it's a lose-two to DQ championships, says The Hater.

Tonight they play Northwestern, a 5-seed. We're talking about going to the game tonight. We're not really big baseball/softball fans, but we'd hate to miss an opportunity to wear bright orange in a group.

I'm exhausted after a long week of work. We've been incredibly busy at the clinic and have treated a record number of patients this week... and I'm still trying to decide if I want to leave the couch. I'm tard, indeed.

So if we don' t make it out, girls, kick some Wildcat tail tonight. If we're not there, we'll be watching you on ESPN.

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nicole said...

Wow, that's more exciting than the College Basketball Championship. Good job! :)