Tuesday, June 27, 2006

fat fat fat

I feel so fat.

Not having a thyroid gland sucks. Waiting for my synthetic hormones to peak has been a pain. I have gained a trillion pounds and have no energy to work towards removing them.

It's true that since my surgery I've made much forward progress from slug to sloth to zombie, and now a functional human. I work and sleep, which is functional, but relatively joyless.

I see the doctor on Monday afternoon. I'm going to beg to get my synthetic hormone dose increased. If he says no, I'm going to cry. Big, big, cow tears over my huge fat cheeks.

And if that doesn't work?

I'll go to plan B... which is a Pouting-Sleep-a-Thon in the waiting room until I change his mind.


Unequivocal_Prowess said...

How is the Hater doing? I hope his trip was okay...

As far as the post, that's about how I feel. I've been trying to diet at camp, but still no luck..

genderist said...

He's eating supper with AD tonight... and is up 5 big ones, as you heard...

This picture reminds me of a random thing that happened to a friend of mine in college... She had a pet turtle, a small turtle about the size of a half dollar. She loved and cuddled on the turtle like it was a mammal... And one day they took a nap together, with Precious, the turtle, on her chest. She woke up and Precious had fallen from her chest to between her and the sofa, and then smothered.

But wait! She was so devastated that she wrapped up the turtle and kept it up in her closet until "several years later" when she would unwrap the turtle and keep his shell forever and ever... and the last time I talked to her, the turtle was still wrapped up, in a different closet.

The end.

nicole said...

Wow, staging a sleep-in for thyroid medication. Taht's DEFINITELY original! ;)

Good luck with your appointment. I hope your doctor gives in to your demands.

Oh and forgive me for stealing your Picard/Riker thingy. I'm absolutely in love with it!

genderist said...

Take it. :) I laugh every time I see it.

I've got my eyes on some bumper stickers, too... and although I'm no self-proclaimed Trekster, it absolutely cracks me up.