Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup

It's official.... and we're celebrating England in quarter-finals!

We've caught the World Cup fever... and have caught on to some pride from our friends abroad. This evening I dyed my friend's hair into a white and red checkerboard pattern (somewhat akin to a soccer ball, if you turn your head to the left and cross your eyes while you look at it).

He keeps singing God Save the Queen. I think the dye may have gone to his head.


nicole said...

So what finally made the fever official? ;)

Nice dye job, by the way. That's some true fan loyalty!

genderist said...

Hey, we never said we were quick...

(The Hater adds that the only way he'll let me dye his hair that way is if we end up with a teenager who thinks it would be neat to do it -- and then loses interest when Dad does it, or something like that...)

vegas said...

cool style