Thursday, September 15, 2005

beware New Jersey!

Who remembers the bubonic plague? Bad thing, right? Right.

According to this article, someone dropped the ball and lost three lab rats infected with the bacteria that caused the bubonic plague. The scientists speculate that the rats would probably die before they made it outside the building to infect other rats. Then a boatload of people died miserably, but quickly.

I vaguely remember a history lesson: it was the rodents that spread the plague to begin with. Don't you think they should have been on leashes or in wired cages or something else where they wouldn't be lost? I do. Scary things need scary safety measures.

That's why people in jail are behind bars. Safety cages.

The bad rats needed safety cages, too.

Someone dropped the ball. Keep an eye on the news coming from New Jersey. If people start dropping dead with dark spots on their skin, cancel your trips to New England.

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