Friday, April 29, 2011


Nope, not old people age spots...

I had a burr up my saddle to be extra productive this weekend and decided to restain the fence in the back yard. We've not done it since we moved and it's time for the wood to be resealed. (Plus it took a pounding during the hail storm last year and although the insurance company gave us money to redo it, we'd just not done it yet.)

I stopped and bought all of the goodies that I'd need. And last night I pretended like I was the Karate Kid and painted the entire fence on the south side of our lot (including what's visible from the street). I used one full bucket of stain and a little bit of a 2nd. About that time the sun went down and I had to come in, although I was on a roll and really would have painted until it was done had I been able to see.

Today I wasn't as sore as I thought I'd be. But as the afternoon wore on my hamstrings and thighs were angry with all of yesterday's squatting. I took some ibuprofen with supper and decided that achy legs weren't a big enough deterrent to keep me from painting.

It's crazy windy outside, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. Oh nosireebob. It's always windy here, but this wind had the just right kind of whip to it to make little specks of stain get in your mouth and eyes. But I persevered because I have visions of a beautifully stained fence.

And then I ran out of stain.

These dozen or so boards are ALL that I lack. Sometime this weekend I'll have to go back and get the supplies I need to finish, but I am utterly gagged. I won't be able to finish it this weekend because we've got a chance of rain on Sunday. It'll have to be another project for another weekend.

I'm also highly gagged that the Terminix people did not show up today between 3-5pm like my appointment said they would. Oh, yes, I called and expressed my disgust since I took off work early to be here to let them inside, but couldn't be as honest as I wanted because it wasn't the call center lady's fault. She gave me "the number to the local office" so I could express my disappointment in their poor service, but when I called it the number was disconnected. At that point I called back to the call center, but their computers were down and I can't even make an appointment for them to come back and spray the perimeter of the house for spiders. GAG.

Okay, I've thought about it. I'm way more gagged that Terminix stood me up. Moreso than running out of stain on the fence.

Off to the shower to remove the stain spots, again.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you had a burr under your saddle to get things done, make a showing and you got stood up by the bug people, and couldn't even complain about it. And, you ran out of stain. Well, so much for ambition. There's always tomorrow or next weekend and when you do finish, the fence is gonna look good. Makes me want to do something to mine.

Marian Parkes said...

My fence is a lovely silvery grey... and shall stay that way.


Kelly said...

So Terminix sounds like the devil. I can't believe how unorganized they are. Don't they realize they're dealing with TERMITES? Termites aren't just gonna sit and wait kindly.

Also, we have seven different fences bordering our back yard, and they're all different colors. I'm jealous! Though, those age spots...yikes. Maybe G is aging you! Kidding, kidding...

Heidi said...

burr up my saddle...hilarious! good job!