Sunday, April 10, 2011

amoxicillin rash

First, a sleep update! The last two nights we've had zero crying when going down and zero crying in the night. We're back to an easy transition and The Hater and I couldn't be more relieved.

Next, an update on the ear infection. She's been on antibiotics for one week. We have a pleasant child again and it's wonderful! But life is always an adventure...

Yesterday we noticed some little red bumps on Baby's arms and torso. This morning we woke up to lots of small and medium sized red bumps on her torso, arms, legs, bottom, face and neck. If you remember the adventure with last year's hives, these were nothing like those. They weren't raised, didn't itch her, and this time she's not acting like it's the end of the world.

The differential is measles.
But she's not been running a fever, so that's highly unlikely.

It's perfect timing because today at church The Hater and I were going to volunteer for a church-wide mission project with Stop Hunger Now. We packaged meals to feed three meals a day to feed an entire orphanage in Haiti for a year.

But we weren't sure if we were going to be able to even go because she looked terribly pitiful. I called the "Nurse on Call" 24-hour line that our insurance has now. This would be the second call in a week. Anyway, according to the algorithm it's a side effect of her amoxicillin. Not an allergy, but a side effect. She said that it would last 1-3 days, but if it lasted more than six that we needed to see the doctor. And continue to give the antibiotics. And even though it's beautiful outside, don't let her go out and don't let her get hot.

I didn't believe her so I read about it after I hung up the phone and, sure enough, for kids who have gotten amoxicillin the first time about 3-10% of them will develop this rash. It doesn't mean she'll always get the rash, but she has it this time.

We went to church. She did great in the nursery. We packaged meals. She took her antibiotics the rest of the day, and when I put her down tonight the red bumps looked more like pink bumps, mucho better than it did this morning.

Is a rash after her birthday going to be a repeating theme? Only time will tell.


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, poor kid! I know they said it wasn't the measles, and it doesn't even sound like it, but I'm freaking out because we've had a breakout here in UT. =( I hope she gets better soon. Are they itchy? They look itchy. Also, I'm allergic to cepholosporins, or however the heck you spell it, and it was a super painful/itchy/horrifyingly awful rash. That's how we knew =) Anyway, good to be back reading blogs again! Haha!

bill said...

Oh my goodness, the things that do happen when growing up.

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