Sunday, May 01, 2011


My grandfather's class motto was "Dig." I've always thought that was great.

We had a terrible trip to the zoo yesterday, but the highlight was looking down on the ground and seeing this little guy stamped into the concrete of the Children's Zoo.

It makes me think of home, of family - and I smile.

I smile despite how incredibly congested the zoo is at 9am. I smile even though I had to scoot and pull Baby from the car seat from the opposite side of the car. I smile even though she pitched a fit and we bypassed actually seeing any animals at the zoo. I smile even though there are so many people that I can't push the stroller faster than a a sloth moves.

New rule: When you get to the zoo before it opens and STILL have to park in the Science Museum lot next door, just turn around and go back home. It's not going to be worth it.

I would like some kind of credit for my awesome parking job. Does this officially make me a city girl? (But maybe not completely - another reason we left after being at the zoo for a record 20 minutes -- because there was no way that guy was going to be able to get into the van, much less get out of the parking lot.)


Cerulean Bill said...

Good god. You must be a contortionist. Or a gymnast. Or weigh less than a breath of air.

Yes, it certainly DOES qualify you.

Anonymous said...

You did it right. Pulled off a good job of parking then got the heck outta Dodge

genderist said...

Let me clarify- I got out on the driver's side and pulled Baby through my side, too. No way was I getting out on the crazy tight side (2nd picture).