Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I've had good intentions to post several times this past week, but life got in the way.

My parents, aka The Dorks, came to visit last week. We had a great time. Baby loved having people dote over her. She's going to be very sad when it sinks in that this was the last of her birthday celebrations.

Her two favorite things were being read to and rocked by Nana AND playing the ukulele with BigSid.

Saturday night she finally spiked a fever and I took her to the urgent care clinic. Ear infection in the other ear = antibiotics. She continued to fever until yesterday afternoon. She's acted like she felt better today, thank goodness.

She's learning a hard lesson of sleeping in her own bed again tonight. Fingers crossed that we don't have a scream fest in the wee small hours. I can't lie - I'm expecting one.

Someone call Pat Summit and let her know that it's time to start scouting OKC for the Senior class of 2027. Hopefully she'll be more graceful than I was.


Kelly H. said...

I'm SO IN LOVE with the picture of her playing the ukulele with her grandpa. So so so amazing!

genderist said...

Thanks! That one was my favorite, too.