Saturday, April 16, 2011


My double knock-out roses are blooming.

This makes me happy.

Hopefully we'll get some rain this week.
So far all we've gotten this spring is wind.

And hopefully hail won't accompany the much needed rain.
Last year after my roses first bloomed we ended up with the hail storm of the century. My roses bloomed again, but they never came out as showy as they were the first bloom.
Or maybe that's when they were the most anticipated.

Other things coming out include the ash tree in the front yard.
It's pitiful.
At it's best it looks similar to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Yet it perseveres.

We have much to learn.


bill said...

I've never had much success with roses although tried hard for several years.Wind and aphids and what have you got the best of them. We always did better with dandelions and gourds and vinca.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. Your roses are so pretty. WOW! What gorgeous color. I also love the pretty blue sky. Sensational.

I am visiting via your comment at Enjoying the Small things tonight. So nice to meet you : ) I love your pictures.