Sunday, March 13, 2011


My cell phone died this morning. I have until April 1st until I qualify for a free phone. I blame DST.

We have a couple of "spare" phones, and while we were getting ready this morning we were bemoaning that I'd have to input everybody's numbers again for two weeks. But then when I got my new phone I would have to go back and do it all over again because the phone I want to get doesn't talk to the phone I currently have. It's all very complicated.

To further complicate things, Baby is adjusting to the time change about as well as we thought she would. She was up at her regular time this morning, which was par for the course. Meals have not been a problem. It took her about 30 minutes to go to sleep for her nap - she would settle, then cry for awhile, then I'd go in, she'd settle and repeat. We woke her up at what is the new regular time and we both could've used another hour.

During the nap The Hater drove across town to take the phone to the powers that be to see if they could either fix it or since we were long-time users of this particular company if they'd grace me the last two weeks of the contract so I'd qualify for the full upgrade (instead of just a half). Apparently he handed it to them and it magically turned on again, so I'll be limping it for the next two weeks. Hopefully it'll last that long.

Now it's time to go to bed and she's having a hard time again. The first time we let her cry for about 20 minutes before The Hater caved and went to her. Then when he left she woke up and all hell broke loose again. I went in and she's tired, but having a hard time settling. So we're trying something new. She's laying down next to me on the couch, under her bubbuh, listening to me type. I'll let her sit here for a while before I insist on taking her back to her room. It probably won't go over well, but that's the plan for now. I'd rather her lay quietly and rest than be up playing. (Although in the back of my head I keep thinking that if she goes to her room and screams it'd do a great job wearing her out and helping her to sleep.)

The current arrangement is going to make it hard for me to hit the elliptical tonight. I'm hoping she embraces DST by the end of the week because I know I'll be hurting for that nap on Saturday!

She's had a low-grade fever the last couple of days, but yesterday was worse than today. I've not given her anything since this morning. Part of me wants to give her something now because I know it'll help her sleep better (as I hang my head in shame), but the other part of me wants to see if she'll spike the fever again without it. For now the latter is winning, but only hesitantly because I know that if she spikes and I give her medicine it'll take about an hour for it to come back down. A long hour of a miserable, fussy baby.

She's sitting next to me whispering "Jingle Bells". It's really cute, but I must not let on that it's cute because this is quiet, resting time.

Hopefully she won't spike tonight or tomorrow. The Hater is off next week and I'd hate for him to have to spend his time with a sick girl. (That and his plan for tomorrow is to take one of the cars for its oil change.) Incidentally I do not have a significant honey-do list for him, but I have time to remedy that.

Meanwhile, today's Groupon cracks me up. It's $10 for $90 worth of fun at Glamour Shots. I have emailed my local friends and insisted that we buy it and go. I want the 1980s look with big hair, leather jacket, and popped collar. But, alas, nobody has replied. At the same time I forwarded the same email to some of my college friends and Sister, suggesting if they lived closer I'd insist that they do it, too. (We could even get the one of us who was a theater major to do zombie makeup for the shoot -- how excellent would that be?!) They have, of course, replied that they would do it if they were here. The good news (and probably much to the chagrin of my local friends): we still have two days before it expires; plenty of time to talk it up at work tomorrow. And, oh yes, it will be mentioned.

For all my band nerd and science nerd friends, this link is for you. My coolest aunt in the universe sent it to me today. This guy has taken the mathematical constant π and converted it to music. In April when I get a new fancy phone I may need this song as a ringtone because it's really that awesome. I'm just not sure yet who will be the lucky person (i.e. the nerdiest of the nerds) who gets this ring.

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Kelly said...

Haha, wow. I do not want to be in your shoes right now (except for those glamor shots! sweet!) Our kids did GREAT with the time change...Chloe is actually sleeping fevers for a few weeks...I'm just bragging now. I hope she feels better soon! (Break down and give her the drugs man! Of course, this post is from me.)