Wednesday, March 02, 2011

absolved: abdominals

My cousin Kelly and I have made a pact, and it's not pretty: we're going to get our abs back.

For now we've committed to each other that we're going to do three minutes every day of ab exercises. Initially we said five minutes a day, but then decided that was too much to start with - no sense in going crazy.

I was sore today at work and sore tonight as I did my three minutes. But someday we'll have our abs back, and that's exciting.


Kelly H. said...

Yeah, let's not go crazy. Three minutes is brutal. My belly is on fire.

bill said...

It's tough but a worthwhile goal. I'm trying to lose a a few pounds but it's this move that's killing me. My blood oxygen just deserts me leaving me useless for too long. Still we have to keep going. Good luck with your abs.