Wednesday, March 23, 2011

birthday eve prep

If you look closely you can see the pink sprinkles I added before the layer of cookies on top!

A certain Baby will turn two tomorrow. After I put her down to sleep for the night I threw myself into third gear and made a long-time friend's Oreo Delight recipe to take to day care tomorrow so that they can have a mini party during their snack time after everybody naps. I've already cleared this with day care, and I stole another idea from a different friend and plan on sending our older camera with them so they can snap some pics for me. It's not a great camera, so I'm really hoping for one good shot.

I've cleaned the kitchen and can honestly say I'm about 70% ready for our company that will be here tomorrow afternoon.

More tomorrow on the big 2. (Speaking of big 2, I can't find the special candle I bought to put on her cupcake tomorrow night. I should go find that or else we'll end up with something not nearly as age appropriate.)

I'd like a big bravo for only eating one oreo with a little bit of the delight on it. I could've eaten way more, but I didn't. And now I'm going to celebrate by eating my prunes, drinking my metamucil, and hitting the hay. I need my beauty sleep before the par-tay tomorrow.

Mountains of chocolate just calling for the tectonic plates to rumble
so they can spill onto my plate and settle into the badlands known as my hips...