Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've been talking to The Hater about the Super Moon all week. In my mind it was going to be most awesome, most super, most amazing. I read about it and was genuinely excited and super-nerdy giddy. I had plans to set up the camera on the tripod (or "piepod" as Baby calls it) to get some huge moon pictures. All the pictures I've seen of a "super moon" looked massive - like the moon took up most of the sky on the horizon.

We put baby down and waited. We waited and waited and waited, until finally it was dark enough to recon the super moon. This is what I found:

(Super Moon peek-a-boo...)

It's always windy here, so it didn't take long for the clouds to clear:

(In all it's glory, complete with a moon flare!)

We were underwhelmed with the Super Moon. It was a bright full moon, but it did not live up to its name. It didn't appear any larger than any other full moon we usually see.

I set my phone alarm and woke up after midnight to see if it would appear larger when it was higher in the sky, but no. It still looked like a regular moon.

This morning I set my alarm early and tried one more time to see if it would look larger in the Western sky, but no. Still just a regular moon, albeit somewhat brighter.

In the scheme of full moons, this one wasn't as super as I'd hoped it would be. Maybe if we have another one in 20 years it'll be more impressive.


Kelly said...

I completely agree! Some people were going nuts about how awesome it looked. G and I were not impressed. Pretty full moon but nothing to write home about.

Kelly said...

That is so cool! I didn't even know about it. I need to watch more t.v. I really never thought I'd say that. Oh well. Probably wasn't as cool in person..I'm not missing out, right? RIGHT?!

Anonymous said...

It was what it was but more impressive are the pictures you took of it. Good stuff. Blown up to an 8x10 or an 8x12 they'd be terrific.