Sunday, March 06, 2011

random thoughts

Just some random thoughts for the weekend.

  • The Hater and I watched "The Last Airbender" last night. I had a friend who had told me about it a month or so ago and he was so excited about the story. He said if you could suspend reality and enjoy a sci-fi movie for that, then we'd probably like it. So we watched it -- and thought it was a lot of fun! (you know, because we can suspend reality and look past bad acting) We think it was wrongfully given the Razzie for worst picture. It wasn't that terrible - we've seen much worse. (and if you remember, we're not big Shamma-Lamma-Ding-Dong fans) We may have to go back and watch the tv series since we highly doubt they'll be able to make the rest of the series on the big screen. We also liked that the people had to do fancy martial-art-type-moves to activate their fancy powers. So The Hater and I have been doing fancy faux-martial-art-type-moves the rest of the weekend. And when The Hater farted I asked him if he was trying to be the next air bender.
  • Speaking of flatus, Baby has figured out that fart sounds mean that someone has pooped. Sometimes when I move Baby to our bedroom in the mornings while The Hater and I are waking up he will serenade us with fart sounds. Recently Baby will hear that and say, "Daddy poo poo!" Followed by, "I check", where she tries to check to see if he's still clean. This always makes us laugh, and then we talk about farts and how they're different from poo poo. I'm just waiting for us to be in public where she announces that someone else has made poo poo in their pants. Also, when she says 'fart' it sounds more like 'faw-ahrt'. Too cute, as long as we're inside our own home and not announcing things in church.
  • Speaking of announcing things... At Target this week I'd taken milk with me to pick Baby up from daycare. We went from there to go pick up a few things at the store - where I was ready with milk and a snack. With the snack she was content to be pushed around and wait in line without protest. On our way out there was a lady ahead of us. She stopped in the little portico area between the two sets of automatic doors. I pulled behind her and waited. And waited. And a lady pulled behind me while we were waiting. I think the lady was putting her wallet back in her purse, but she was in no hurry. Baby was counting for me and we were really in no hurry, either. Another lady came up behind me holding a basket of groceries. Baby started looking around, turned around and eyed the lady who was parked, then screamed, "GOOOOOOO!" The lady turned around and looked at me, apologizing. I went white and apologized, too. The ladies behind us laughed. The lady in front of me just looked at Baby and I. I looked at Baby and corrected, "No, honey, we say, Go PLEASE." So of course then she yelled, "Go please!" The first of what will probably be many harrowing moments of apologizing for what she says in public.
  • I'll keep you updated on when she announces that someone else has poop'd or farted. For whatever reason I expect this to happen at the grocery store, too.
  • We were really excited to have The Hater home with us this weekend! So glad the gaggiest part of his season is behind us.
  • Every day I get more excited about our vacation this summer.


bill said...

Get ready for the unexpected. You can almost hear it coming. Baby is going to nail somebody.

Cerulean Bill said...

Ah, the purity of child-like thought. Isn't that supposed to be a Zen thing?