Tuesday, May 01, 2007

sick Sister

My Sister is sick. She has lost twelve pounds in the last week. She is pitiful.

She was coughing up a lung last week and went to the doctor. They gave her boatloads of antibiotics. The antibiotics gave her diarrhea, which isn't unusual. Unfortunately, they also killed all the good bugs in her gut. This left nobody to watch out for the bad bugs, so the bad bugs in her gut took over.

Today she went back to the doctor, who did lots of tests. Indeed, the bad bug is the culprit. She's changed antibiotics for the third time, and they've thrown in cough medicine for good measure. The chest x-ray confirmed that she doesn't have pneumonia. But she feels supremely cruddy right now.

She's been told to take off of work for the next week. The doctor said that if she doesn't feel any better tomorrow, then she'll have to go to the hospital for IV fluids.

The nurse has told her to chug gatorade like it's going out of style. Today she's had beef broth and a few crackers.

It's pitiful with a capital P in LBG tonight. We're sending her big, healing vibrations and hoping she'll feel better tomorrow.

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