Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bob the Builder

We stopped by the house today to see what has changed in the last week...

The correct paint is on the walls. The hardwood floor had the drop cloths off of it, but it has not yet been stained or finished. The tile has been laid, and we really like it. The safety linings inside of the tubs have been removed. The trim is finished. The appliances and countertops were in the garage, still in boxes. The built-in bench is almost finished. The yard remains a big red dirt disaster. Some of the doors have not yet been hung. There are still some touch-ups that need to be addressed.

It looks like we're actually going to be living in a house soon.

The plan was to move mid-June, but The Hater received an email that asked if we wanted to move earlier than that. We might be changing the move date to early-June if we can. The Hater is going to talk to our landlords this week to see if we can sever our contract one month early.

We have not given much thought to the idea of packing. (We're blindly enjoying the calm before the storm.) We have talked about all the stuff that we're going to throw away and give away... so if we have something that you just can't live without or can't bear the idea of being trashed, let us know.

Talking about this, we're starting to realize how many decisions we still have to make regarding this move, the daunting task ahead. We are comforted by the words of philosophical masters: "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"

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