Monday, May 14, 2007


They say that each drop of rain is a miracle from Heaven.

We have had a unusually wet Spring this year, made even more unusual by the drought they've had at home.

The people who are building our house have gone from arguing with us that we wanted to move in "too late" to convincing us that we needed to wait later to move. The newest hold-up is bricking the exterior, made more difficult by the wet season.

The new timeline is that we hope to close and throw boxes into the house before we leave for Sister's wedding next month. We're not really worried about it, yet, but would have liked to settled sooner than that.

Meanwhile, I'm not-so-patiently waiting for test results from last week. Our fingers are crossed every which way around.


Arielle said...

How dare they keep you waiting!
It has rained like crazy in Kansas, but up here in Illinois we haven't gotten a whole lot. Yesterday it did rain sideways for 5 minutes though.

Anonymous said...

All your fans in TN are crossing fingers and toes. VolMom